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BREN regional conference in Moldova

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Informational Meeting In Bolnisi Municipality

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Visit to Armenia



Juveline Justice

Juvenile justice refers to a system that ensures prevention of juvenile delinquency and promotes proper rehabilitation and reintegration of juveniles in conflict with a criminal law.

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Women’s rights

Creating environment free from gender discrimination and violence against women and ensuring equal rights and opportunities.

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Child welfare

Child welfare is the unity of initiatives and policy, aiming at protection of children’s health and ensuring their welfare, protection…

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Penitentiary and Probation System

Penitentiary and probation system united penitentiary establishments and probation bureaus and ensures execution of custodial as well as non-custodial sentences…

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Civic Activism

One of the main activities of the organization during the implementation of the strategy will be promoting civic activism, as the role involvement and participation of citizens in achieving positive change is immeasurably large. The organization will work with the citizens, including youth, women, minority representatives, to motivate them to be involved in the decision-making process at the local level, explain importance of accountability of the local government, and provide information on various ways and methods of implementing initiatives and advocacy…

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We want to create an environment where the legal status of children, women, minorities and other vulnerable groups is improved, the rule of law and equality among citizens is guaranteed, judiciary, as well as child welfare is better developed, citizens are actively involved in resolving issues related to their fate and transparent public administration and accountability towards citizens is ensured.


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