Women’s Rights

Creating environment free from gender discrimination and violence against women and ensuring equal rights and opportunities.

  • Women in conflict with the law;
  • Women victims of violence;
  • Women representing minorities;
  • Women and girls subjected to discrimination;
  • Girls needing support from various specialists;
  • Women and girls subjected to gender stereotypes.  
  • More active use of gender-specific approaches in the justice system;
  • Improving psychological situation of the beneficiaries;
  • Creating equal environment and ensuring equal opportunities of development for women;.
  • Decreasing impact of gender stereotypes in the society;
  • Reintegration of girls with so called Difficult Behavior into society
  • Preventing violence against women and domestic violence.
  • Improving psychological situation of women in closed facilities through providing different services (art therapy, music therapy, etc);
  • It is planned to facilitate the reintegration of girls referred to the referral center and the bailiff service and girls on probation through various services (including art therapy).
  • Amending policy document for the specific needs of girls and women to be taken into account.
  • Promoting girls’ activism and advocating for their equal involvement with men in public life.