Multi-Agency Meeting on Enhancing Access to Court

On September 28, a multi-agency meeting was convened to address the issue of court availability in the region. Seventeen participants attended the meeting, including a judge from Rustavi City Court, prosecutors, lawyers, representatives from the Public Defender’s Kvemo Kartli Bureau, and members of civil society. The participants engaged in discussions regarding strategies to enhance public awareness of justice and credibility of the court system.

During an interview with Radio Marneuli, Nashir Ordukhanov, the local project coordinator, emphasized the significance of the meeting and remarked, “The purpose of this gathering is to facilitate a constructive dialogue among individuals working in this field, enabling them to tackle the challenges and issues within the justice system.”

Furthermore, the meeting included deliberations on the outcomes of court monitoring conducted by “Georgian Court Watch.” The organization’s director, Nazi Janezashvili, addressed the media, highlighting key challenges associated with court proceedings, including frequent delays in case initiation and difficulties in securing the services of professional interpreters.

A summary of the discussion will be published as a political document on the websites and Facebook pages of the organizations “Prevention for Progress” and the “Civic Engagement and Activism Center.” This will provide citizens with valuable information regarding the primary challenges related to accessing courts in the municipalities of Marneuli and Bolnisi.

The multi-agency meeting was organized by the non-governmental organizations “Prevention for Progress” and the “Civic Engagement and Activism Center,” with support from the USAID Rule of Law Program.