Judge Badri Niparishvili’s meeting with the residents of Bolnisi

On November 17, at the Legal Integration Center of the Caucasus in Bolnisi, a meeting of Bolnisi residents was organized by the organizations ‘Prevention for Progress’ and ‘Civil Engagement and Activism Center,’ with Tetritskaro District Court Judge Badri Niparishvili.

During the meeting, Badri Niparishvili highlighted the importance of protecting citizens’ rights in court and emphasized that it is the only place where citizens can protect their rights from encroachment by individuals or agencies.

Thirteen local citizens attended the event and lamented that, unfortunately, the current system lacks objectivity in cases where state interests intersect, leading to a loss of trust in the court.

The judge acknowledged existing challenges within the court system that need resolution to better protect European integration and citizens’ rights.

Citizens received consultations and advice on matters such as land registration, court hearings, and addressing illegal police actions.

Participants expressed their gratitude, stating that meetings with judges are rare yet crucial opportunities, which seemed almost unbelievable but were highly necessary and welcome.

Several online media outlets operate in Kvemo Kartli, notably Radio Marneuli, Radio WW, and Interpress.ge, Aktual.ge, and 24news.ge covered the event.

The meeting, supported by the USAID Rule of Law Program, aimed to enhance awareness among the population of Marneuli and Bolnisi about the court system.