A Meeting with Lawyers Has Been Held in Marneuli

A meeting was held in Marneuli on December 17, organized by the NGOs “Prevention for Progress” and “Civil Engagement and Activism Center.” The aim was to discuss challenges related to court accessibility.

Lawyers from different sectors, including private practice, legal aid services, and civil society, actively participated in the event.

During the meeting, lawyers highlighted issues such as the quality of translation services during court hearings and delays in the proceedings. They expressed concerns about injunctive measures being reviewed by judges specialized in civil and administrative law, who often apply stricter measures. The lawyers suggested that judges with expertise in criminal law should handle cases involving restraining measures.

Participants also talked about problems in the law enforcement system when dealing with early marriage cases. They stressed the need for the “criminalization of engagement.”

The lawyers emphasized the importance of mediation as an alternative method for dispute resolution. They noted that awareness about mediation in the Kvemo Kartli region is very low.

This event has been held with the support of the USAID Rule of Law Program.