Penitentiary and Probation System

Penitentiary and probation system united penitentiary establishments and probation bureaus and ensures execution of custodial as well as non-custodial sentences. The main goal of this direction is promoting rehabilitation and re-socialization of persons in conflict with the law and their integration into the society.

  • Inmates (accused and convicts);
  • Probationers;
  • Penitentiary and probation system and staff. 


  • Increase access to services. We will continue to implement educational and rehabilitation programs in penitentiary institutions and advocate for the introduction of new services (art therapy);
  • Training of probation system staff. Trainings will be delivered to the social workers and psychologists in the probation system to improve art therapy trainer-skills;
  • Complex analysis of specific areas will continue during the reform of the penitentiary and probation system. Detailed analysis of penitentiary and probation reform (legal framework, policy documents, etc.) shall continue, periodically advocating for the correction of deficiencies identified during the analysis.
  • The organization plans to study the circumstances and supportive attitudes of the criminal subculture within and outside of penitentiary establishments.
  • The organization plans supporting development of medical services in the penitentiary system, especially in the context of performance appraisal of the response to COVID, as well as assessing feasibility of the limitations and procedures established within the penitentiary system during pandemic.
  • The system of preparation for the release of convicts (transitional management system) is improved;
  • Service accessibility in penitentiary and probation system is increased;
  • Qualification of the penitentiary and probation system staff is improved;
  • Results of the penitentiary and probation system reform progress is assessed and used for further refinement;
  • Equal treatment towards prisoners and violence-free environment is ensured in the penitentiary establishments;