Informational Meeting in the Village Savaneti

The Organizations Prevention for Progress (PFP) and Civic Engagement and Activism Center (CEAC) continue to conduct informational meetings with the population of Bolnisi and Marneuli to enhance access to the courts, with the support of the USAID Rule of Law Program.

As part of the project “Raising Awareness about the Court in Marneuli and Bolnisi Municipalities,” the sixth informational meeting was held on November 26 in the village of Savaneti (Imirhasani), Bolnisi municipality, at the Youth and Education Center. Fourteen people attended the meeting.

The project team provided local residents with information about their rights in court, where to find ready-made claim forms when approaching the court, the rights they possess as a party in court proceedings, and where to access free legal aid if required.

Meeting participants discussed the challenges they face when engaging with the court. Specifically, they highlighted the need for more information regarding the court’s functioning and their rights. Additionally, they noted that the initial review of court proceedings occurs 5-6 months after filing a lawsuit.

Residents of Savaneti village expressed that they primarily read Azerbaijani or Turkish-language media, resulting in better awareness of socio-political events in Azerbaijan and Turkey compared to those in Georgia. Consequently, they lack knowledge about events concerning the court.

At the meeting, a concise guide prepared by a legal expert was distributed to participants, covering brief information on the issues above. They had the opportunity to ask questions about the court.

As part of the project, two more similar meetings are planned. These meetings will be held in regional centers and villages distant from the center of Marneuli and Bolnisi municipalities.