Civic Activism

One of the main activities of the organization during the implementation of the strategy will be promoting civic activism, as the role involvement and participation of citizens in achieving positive change is immeasurably large. The organization will work with the citizens, including youth, women, minority representatives, to motivate them to be involved in the decision-making process at the local level, explain importance of accountability of the local government, and provide information on various ways and methods of implementing initiatives and advocacy. Such activities will be carried out not only in the capital city, but in several regions as well.

Population of Tbilisi and regions, with special focus on youth having ability to act as agents of change at the community level. The organization will try to increase awareness of young people in terms of advocating for their needs and achieving positive changes.

In Tbilisi, as well as in the regions, there will be community initiative groups, community activist groups, young people having ability to express their own desires, needs, information about the resources and ways to achieve their goals, which means the full and effective use of nonviolent forms of civic activism, as well as local social, political or economic changes. Finding ways to obtain implementation funding.

  • Information meetings in Tbilisi and regions to promote civic activism.
  • Training population in Tbilisi and regions on existing forms of civic activism, best ways to achieve the goal through non-violent means, funding sources, constructive cooperation and mechanisms of non-violent pressure.
  • Increasing and supporting women’s involvement in civic activism, with a special focus on the population of the regions, ethnic minorities where discriminating stereotype approaches and practices have deeper roots and achieving equal opportunities for women and girls is much harder.
  • Cooperation with the local civic activists, strengthening the, and planning join advocacy events in the implementation process of different projects.
  • Introducing regional representations of the organization and awareness rising in the regions.