Informational Meeting with the Population of Bolnisi was held to enhance access to the courts

With the support of the USAID Rule of Law Program and in collaboration with NGOs, Prevention for Progress and the Center for Civic Engagement and Activism, informational meetings with the population of Bolnisi and Marneuli are being held to enhance access to the courts. The second consecutive meeting took place on July 22 in Bolnisi, with the participation of 17 citizens. 

Legal experts and project volunteers provided information to representatives from various societal groups about where they can find ready-made claim forms for court applications, their rights as parties in court, and the availability of free legal assistance if needed.

During the meeting, the project representatives also gathered information from the participants about the challenges they encounter when accessing the court system. Several significant problems related to court accessibility were identified, including language barriers and issues with interpreters, which hinder some individuals from effectively applying to the court. Participants also highlighted instances where they faced difficulties in obtaining suitable service at legal aid centers, especially since there is no functioning legal aid office in Bolnisi.

To support the participants further, a small guide prepared by a legal expert was distributed, offering brief information on judicial matters. The participants had the opportunity to ask pertinent questions and receive comprehensive answers during the meeting.

As part of the project, six more informational meetings are scheduled to be conducted, reaching not only regional centers but also villages located far from the center of Marneuli and Bolnisi municipalities. These meetings aim to increase awareness and understanding of the court system, empowering citizens to access justice more effectively.