Rustavi City Court Judge Madonna Maisuradze met with Marneuli residents

On August 29, at Network of Centers for Civic Engagement (ncce), a meeting of Marneuli residents with Rustavi City Court Judge Madonna Maisuradze took place. This initiative was spearheaded by “Prevention for Progress” and the “Civil Engagement and Activism Center”. Supported by the USAID Rule of Law Program, the goal of the meeting was to enhance awareness among the populations of Marneuli and Bolnisi about the court.

At the outset, Judge Madonna Maisuradze discussed the stages of a court hearing and case review, including the involvement of an interpreter and potential language barriers. She emphasized the shortage of professional interpreters and highlighted their critical role in ensuring the plaintiff fully comprehends the proceedings in a language familiar to them.

Around 30 citizens attended the meeting. They had the chance to seek answers to court-related queries directly from Judge Maisuradze. Young attendees showed significant interest in the jury system and its significance. In contrast, some were curious about the process of becoming a trial interpreter.

One participant, working with refugee community, mentioned that many citizens find it challenging to defend their rights due to insufficient information and understanding of court interactions. The audience expressed a keen interest in participating in similar events in the future and disseminating the knowledge gained.

In her concluding remarks, Judge Maisuradze encouraged the audience to be informed about their rights and to always advocate for themselves and others.

The event garnered attention from local online media and television, with coverage from and

In a media interview, the project’s local coordinator, Nashir Ordukhanov, stated, “Informational meetings about the court are vital in our community due to a notable information deficit on such topics. I believe the meeting was successful. The youth were notably engaged, posing numerous questions about court procedures and the jury system.”

As part of this initiative, another session featuring representatives of the judicial system will be organized for the residents of Bolnisi. Event specifics will be posted on the Facebook page of the Center for Civic Engagement and Activism.