Informational Meeting In Bolnisi Municipality

The Prevention for Progress (PFP) and Civic Engagement and Activism Center (CEAC) organizations are actively conducting informational meetings in Bolnisi and Marneuli to improve the public’s access to the courts, with the support of the USAID Rule of Law Program.

As a component of the project titled “Raising Awareness about the Court in Marneuli and Bolnisi Municipalities,” the seventh informational meeting took place on December 10 in the village of Mushevani (Dalar), Bolnisi municipality, with a turnout of seventeen participants.

During the meeting, the project team provided residents with valuable information about their rights in court, where to obtain ready-made claim forms when approaching the court, the rights they hold as parties in court proceedings, and how to access free legal aid if needed.

Participants actively engaged in discussions related to justice matters. It was noted that the frequency of summoning protesters to SSSG increased following the 2022 protest against gold mining activities in Mushevan.

Residents emphasized their ongoing efforts to inform relevant authorities about concerns regarding air pollution, but unfortunately, all endeavors proved ineffective. Assessing the extent of environmental pollution caused by gold mining operations is crucial for Mushevan residents to take informed actions, including initiating legal proceedings. Additionally, the language barrier and difficulties in accessing legal services contribute to the complexities of court applications.

During the meeting, participants received a concise guide prepared by a legal expert, covering brief information on the aforementioned issues. They had the opportunity to ask questions about court procedures.

As part of the project, a similar meeting is planned.