Informational Meeting with Residents of Bolnisi Municipality

Organizations Prevention for Progress (PFP) and Civic Engagement and Activism Center (CEAC) continue to organize informational meetings with the residents of Bolnisi and Marneuli to enhance access to the judicial system. These meetings have been held with the support from the USAID Rule of Law Program.

As part of the project “Raising Awareness About the Court in Marneuli and Bolnisi Municipalities,” the fifth meeting with the local community was held on October 21st in the village of Bolnisi Municipality. The project team provided local residents with information about their rights within the court system, where to find pre-made claim forms for court submissions, the rights they possess when participating in court proceedings, and where to access free legal assistance if necessary.

During the meeting, participants also discussed the challenges they face in the process of approaching the court. In particular, they mentioned frequent cases of theft in the village that are not adequately investigated by the police. Delays in court sessions, language barriers when dealing with the court, and a lack of information on court-related matters were also highlighted as issues. Participants shared instances where parties were not summoned to court, and decisions regarding their property were made without their knowledge.

A legal expert had prepared a concise guide distributed to participants during the meeting, which provided information on the aforementioned topics. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions about the court.

As part of the project, three more similar meetings are planned. These meetings will not only take place in regional centers but also in villages located far from the center of Marneuli and Bolnisi municipalities.