Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation Programs

The organization has been implementing rehabilitation programs for the persons in conflict with the law for years already, providing services to women and children victims of violence. In particular, conducting music therapy for women convicted of violent crimes. As a result, 15 women convicts attended:

  • Music therapy sessions.
  • 6 music compositions were recorded;
  • 200 CDs were release

Through art therapy for women victims of violence who are the beneficiaries of Pankisi Valley Women’s Board.

As a result, psychological situation of women victims of violence who are the beneficiaries of Pankisi Valley Women’s Board improved, they have processed traumatic experience, acquired new vocational knowledge and skills.

  • Art therapy group sessions; and
  • Meetings with a well-known art therapist and women writer was organized.

Oven and materials for ceramic works was handed over to the women.

Rehabilitation of addicts was and art therapy meetings for them were organized.

Beneficiaries – 20 inmates. 

Art therapy and ceramic sessions were conducted in the penitentiary establishments and social enterprises aiming at the psycho- social rehabilitation of inmate addicts, former prisoners and those on probation.

Result: psychological situation of the inmate addicts improved and opportunities for their employment increased.

Total 213 inmates completed the program:  

  • Ksani – 12 groups (106 beneficiaries)
  • Geguti – 9 groups (75 beneficiaries)
  • Social enterprise – 5 groups (18 beneficiaries)
  • 2 exhibition-sale were held.

Rehabilitation of the juvenile addicts in conflict with the law through art-therapy meetings.

16 juveniles on probation underwent an art-therapy course and an exhibition of their works was organized.