Andro Gigauri 

Andro gigiauri
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Andro Gigauri is a lawyer by profession. He holds a master’s degree in public policy from George Mason University. In the company, Andro leads counselling direction. He has professional experience in working on the projects supported by the EU, Council of Europe, The World Bank, Danida, The UN Department of Operational Support, UNICEF, UNDP. He also worked with PWC, Chemonics, Justice Cooperation International and Expertise France. . Andro also has experience in a public sector, as the Head of Administration of the Ministry of Justice and Deputy Chief Prosecutor. His name is linked to creation and development of a juvenile diversion program. Andro’s area of interest mainly lies towards strengthening public and private institutions, as well as non-governmental sector; citizen service reform; crime prevention and criminal justice policy development. Andri taught a-year long course in Public Policy Analysis at the School of Management and Social Sciences of the Free University. From the academic year of 2021, Andro will also deliver a new course in a law school. The course is called – Crime Prevention and Safe Society. Andro Established the non-governmental organization Institute of Nonviolent Communication, which aims to give opportunities to children and youth to develop their potential in a closed environment. Andro is a certified coach He works with the clients on the aspects of their professional and career development.