“Monitoring Government’s Commitments and Promoting Reforms in the Penal Sector through the Engagement of CSOs”

Implementation Period: 2018 – 2020 Years

Donor: European Union (In collaboration with “PRI”)

Budget: 119 820 EUR


Disciplinary proceedings in the penitentiary system; Contact of prisoners with outside world; Classification of convicted prisoners, risk assessment. – Gaps and challenges are identified by the project regarding the state policy, legislation and Practice in the penal sector as well as relevant recommendations are prepared; – Strengthening regional NGOs through trainings and workshops and determining their role in the process of advocacy; – Re-training/informing regional media organizations regarding the identified challenges of the penal sector with the expected result of additional and improved media coverage on penal reform; – Establishing regional network of NGOs and response mechanisms; – Capacity of relevant stakeholders is increased; – Coalition member organizations actively participate in advocacy, policy dialogue meetings with the relevant authorities on a various project issues; – Enhanced engagement with the media and awareness raising events are Developed and delivered. Media coverage in relation to penal reform and EU support thereto is positively increased and accuracy improved, and public awareness and understanding is increased.