The “Marneuli Youth for Changes” project

The “Marneuli Youth for Changes” project aimed to increase the participation of young people aged 15-29 in the decision-making process at the local self-government level in Marneuli. The project has implemented various activities to achieve this objective.

During the project implementation period, several significant goals were accomplished. Firstly, an analysis of the 2022 budget of Marneuli was conducted to assess the existing funding policies of youth programs in the context of the needs of young people. This research is available in Georgian on the PFP’s website and can be used as a resource to address existing challenges.

One of the primary goals of the project was to raise awareness among Marneuli’s youth about the decision-making process. To achieve this goal, several video content such as video blogs, journalism works, and videos were prepared and published on the organization’s social media page, which reached the target audience. Furthermore, a public debate contest was conducted among young people, resulting in the strengthening of the youth team to advocate for overcoming various challenges at the local level.

The local NGO “Civic Engagement and Activism Center (CEAC)” was strengthened institutionally within the project. CEAC representatives were provided with several training sessions, including local self-government roles and civic engagement forms, carrying out civic activism and advocacy, managing social media, fundraising, and proposal writing. In addition, CEAC’s communication strategy and action plan were developed. The skills acquired within the training sessions will enable CEAC’s team members to sustainably grow professionally and work on organization development, implement different activities and projects to combat existing challenges in the youth field.

Moreover, important steps were taken in Marneuli’s budget, resulting in an 82% increase in the 2023 budget for developing a sports field compared to the previous year.

The “Prevention for Progress (PFP)” implemented the above-mentioned project in close partnership with the “Civic Engagement and Activism Center (CEAC)” and with financial support from “The Institute of War and Peace Report (IWPR)”.